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  • That's right! Strait & Narrow is coming to DVD and Bluray on October 25th! Pre-order your copy today!
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  • Newsfix (CW33) @ STRAIT & NARROW Premiere

    NEWSFIX (CW33) on the red carpet @ the STRAIT & NARROW Premiere!

    Posted by Fifth Floor Pictures, LLC on Monday, March 7, 2016
  • The Premiere Screening for STRAIT & NARROW is SOLD OUT!
  • Fifth Floor and Narrow Path proudly announce that Strait & Narrow will premiere on Saturday, March 5, 2016. The event is private, but limited tickets are available for purchase through Brown Paper Tickets. For more details, click here!

  • Watch the new action driven trailer for Strait & Narrow NOW!

  • A New Year gift from Fifth Floor Pictures! Watch the Strait & Narrow OFFICIAL TRAILER now!
  • Happy New Year from Fifth Floor Pictures! 2016 is poised to be a huge year for Fifth Floor with tons of content headed your way! Strait & Narrow is wrapping up post production and the TV division has something special in the works. Fifth Floor would also like to thank you for your patience as we overhauled the website.
  • Josh Patrick exits Fifth Floor Pictures as EVP of Television. Fifth Floor's Television department will continue forward with all current developmental TV projects. Compton and Craig will man the helm in the interim.
  • Over the weekend, the Narrow Path Productions team wrapped the final pick-up shoot for Strait & Narrow, officially wrapping lead actor Brandon Craig and marking the wrap of Fifth Floor's first feature developed 100% in-house! Release details coming soon!
  • Strait & Narrow has officially entered post-production! Principal photography has wrapped, save for a handfull of pick-ups. No release date has been set, but should be sometime in 2015.
  • Fifth Floor is nearing the the end of production on Strait & Narrow! Production looks to wrap this month! This past weekend the production wrapped top-billed cast members Kassandra Marron and Al Dias along with Fabian Lopez and Jason Skeen!

  • Merry Christmas from Fifth Floor Pictures! Watch the Strait & Narrow OFFICIAL TRAILER #1 now!
  • The first trailer for the highly anticipated Strait & Narrow will be released on Christmas Day!
  • Production is well under way on Strait & Narrow, already bidding adieu to Michael Loris and Pablo Esparza, who have completed their work on the project! Principal photography is scheduled to wrap in November 2013.
  • Production on Strait & Narrow will begin on August 3rd and is scheduled to wrap in late November 2013.
  • After previously planning to begin principal on Strait & Narrow in April, production in now penciled in for this Summer. Fifth Floor has a date in mind, but it won't be made public until it is more concrete. The delay is largely due to the scope of the project and two previous commitments that momentarily pulled Compton and Craig from the project. With both fully focused on the S&N project, things look to get going here pretty quickly.
  • While the bulk of casting for Strait & Narrow has been completed, casting for the project continues. Narrow Path is eyeing an April 2013 start to production. More details soon!
  • Over the weekend, Fifth Floor held a very successful casting call for Strait & Narrow, our largest project to go into production, to date! Narrow Path Productions, LLC will be entering production on Strait & Narrow very soon!
  • Fifth Floor is CASTING! Audition for a role in Strait & Narrow on Feb. 16 and 17! For details CLICK HERE!
  • Composer Jerel Northern has attached in principle to score Strait & Narrow. Check out Northern's website here.k.
  • Strait & Narrow has officially entered into pre-production. Some key cast members have been announced, however the movie has largely yet to be cast. Casting will begin in early January 2013. Filming is to begin in February 2013 and is expected to wrap in April 2013. Specific dates have yet to be announced. More details soon!
  • Actor John William Galt joins the cast of Strait & Narrow.
  • Strait & Narrow officially enters Pre-production this week! Fifth Floor will be holding open casting calls for the feature very soon. Produciton is scheduled to begin in February 2013!
  • King Mo Joins Cast of Strait & Narrow

    Dallas, TX – December 2, 2012 – Former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion Muhammed 'King Mo' Lawal joins the cast of Fifth Floor's upcoming action movie, Strait & Narrow.

    Lawal will join friend and actor Brandon Craig along with Juan Felipe Barrientos and Michael Loris for what is set to be a gritty, intense, charged feature directed by Christopher Compton.

    King Mo is an American mixed martial artist and professional wrestler. He is signed with Bellator Fighting Championships as an MMA fighter, and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling as a wrestler.

    Fifth Floor Pictures, LLC is currently raising production funds on one of the world's largest crowd-funding sites, @ Visit the site for an in depth look into the Strait & Narrow project.

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  • The Fifth Floor logo has undergone a facelift! It was first revealed during the launch of the Strait & Narrow fundraising campaign. The updated version has stayed true to Jason Parish's original 2006 design.
  • Fifth Floor has kicked off a 30 day fundraising campaign for the Strait & Narrow project on the crowd-funding site IndieGoGo. Visit the Campaign and help the project by donating or spreading the word!
  • Late Friday, Fifth Floor secured the rights to the Strait & Narrow screenplay. More details soon!
  • A deal to secure the rights to the Strait & Narrow screenplay has been agreed to, in principal, between Fifth Floor and writers Christopher Compton and Brandon Craig. The deal looks to be finalized tomorrow.
  • The Strait & Narrow One-Sheet Poster concept was released today.
  • Dallas acting heavyweights Michael Loris and Juan Felipe Barrientos have agreed in principle to joining the cast of Strait & Narrow. To date, they are the only two actors that have been approached for roles in the movie. Fifth Floor's goto artist, Adrian Arista, attached to storyboard the screenplay. Choreography for the films begins this week with choreographer Jai Codrington and Brandon Craig to prepare for his role. Fifth Floor anticipates major announcements regarding the project soon, including a concrete start date!
  • After several rounds of rewrites and punch-ups, Compton and Craig have wrapped up development on the Strait & Narrow screenplay. Fifth Floor is now developing the project for production. Brandon Craig will star and Christopher Compton will direct.
  • Over the weekend, Christopher Compton turned in the first completed draft of the screenplay for the S&N Project. The project is slated to go late this Summer and will most likely be released early 2013, although no official release date has been set. More info soon, as development progresses.
  • On Monday FFMG released a new music video. In that video is an easter egg of sorts that is the first public announcement regarding Fifth Floor Pictures' latest project, which has been in development since January 2012. The "Summer Feature" or "SN Project" is currently being penned by Christopher Compton with Brandon Craig in the lead role. The project will go into production Summer 2012, making this the largest greenlit production to come out of Fifth Floor to date.
  • Culper has been released and is available on the Culper webpage. We hope you enjoy it.
  • Production is officially done on Culper as the final pick-ups were completed over the weekend. The short is expected to be released soon as post-work is wrapped up.
  • The release date for Culper has been pushed to January due to post-production requirements.
  • Culper has wrapped and is currently in post-production. The short is expected to be released around Christmas.
  • Brandon Craig leads the talented cast of Culper with Amber Sutphin, Michael Loris, Matt Thurston and Stephen Brodie. Shooting is already under way on the short, which is expected to be released by Christmas.
  • Production on Christopher Compton's short project Culper, begins this week.
  • Fifth Floor Pictures, LLC launches its new media division, Fifth Floor Media Group.

    Dallas, TX – June 13, 2011 – For 2 years, Fifth Floor's President Brandon Craig had been developing a project to incorporate commercial media into Fifth Floor's "movie-only" business model. In October 2010, that project came to fruition when it was ready to go. Together with CEO Christopher Compton, they created Fifth Floor Media Group, a division of Fifth Floor Pictures, LC, to produce music videos, commercials, industrials and to provide event videography services around the DFW metroplex, in addition to providing editing and visual FX services for film. In January 2011, under the direction of Compton and Craig, Fifth Floor Media Group began producing media in all of its targeted sectors. Today is the official public launch of Fifth Floor Media Group. As is with Fifth Floor Pictures, Compton and Craig are the top two creative principals at FFMG. Fifth Floor Pictures, LLC will continue its "movie-only" structure while the FFMG division produces the commercial media side of the business. Fifth Floor Media Group is born of a great company, a company that has come to represent quality, strength, resilience, talent and originality – that company is Fifth Floor Pictures,LLC.

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    For more information on Fifth Floor Media Group, contact: 214.455.4221 | 214.636.4290 or Also visit

  • Earlier this year, we tweeted and made a small Facebook post about the wheels being in motion on some big things. MisFits is but a small piece of those "big things". Watch MisFits on the home page or on our Vimeo or YouTube pages. It stars Jason Skeen, Katharine Franco and Michael Loris. More soon!
  • The MisFits project looks to be released this week.
  • Development on Lost in Reverie is in full swing, and has been since last year. More info soon!

    The MisFits project looks to be released this month. Post-production work is just about wrapped up.
  • Production Stills from MisFits by photographer Amanda Munster of Veritas Photographry are now available on the Fifth Floor Facebook Page. View the album HERE!
  • Fifth Floor has wrapped filming on the short project MisFits, starring Jason Skeen, Katharine Franco and Michael Loris. Written and directed by Christopher Compton. The short project will premiere exclusively here on More details soon.
  • From Dec. 22- Jan. 2, Fifth Floor office hours will be limited to the public due to the holidays. Fifth Floor Pictures closes out 2010 with development on Lost in Reverie in full swing, the continued development of The Van Zandt Shakedown and an additional 3 screenplays in development for future projects.
  • Development on Lost in Reverie is heating up. More details as they come.
  • In 2008, Brandon Craig launched a new marketing plan to bring Fifth Floor merchandise to the public, and in efforts keep the quality of that merchandise at its highest possible, Mr. Craig has requested the vendor be changed. Updates on that soon!
  • Development on Lost in Reverie continues. Filming is now slated for early 2011.
  • Development on a Christopher Compton action script has begun, although the project itself won't go into production development for sometime.
  • Brandon Craig stars in M. Legend Brown's short film Normal Behavior, screening this Saturday 7/10 at 5pm, Studio Movie Grill Central & Royal in Dallas. The event is free, but you must RSVP on Facebook to attend.
  • We've upgraded web servers for speed and increased reliability.
  • Development continues on Lost in Reverie. Filming is still planned to begin late summer.

    After a brief pitch, Fifth Floor has added another project to the pipeline, described as an epic action movie. No other details were released.
  • Fifth Floor has greenlit a project for development after a pitch last week. Brandon Craig will be penning the script. No other details have been released.
  • Composer Jermaine Stegall is on board to score Lost in Reverie.
  • Yesterday, Lost Reverie, LLC, the production company that will produce the film, obtained the rights to the Lost in Reverie screenplay.

    On March 16, the script for Lost in Reverie was locked and subsequently purchased by Fifth Floor. Filming is slated to begin late summer.

    After being down and undergoing upgrades, the Fifth Floor web system is back online!
  • Development on Lost in Reverie continues. Early talks have Mark Rutledge in place to DP the film. Fifth Floor plans to keep many details, especially regarding the screenplay, under heavy lockdown through to it's release, slated sometime in late 2010 or early 2011.
  • The title of the upcoming Compton/Craig Project has been released. Lost in Reverie is slated to begin filming in March or April. The third draft was completed last week. Fifth Floor expects another draft or two before moving forward. Plot details are still being kept under wraps. Brandon Craig is currently the only actor attached to the project.
  • Christopher Compton completed the second draft of the screenplay for the upcoming Compton/Craig Project early last week. No other details were released.

    This year Fifth Floor Pictures celebrates it's 5th year anniversary.
  • Fifth Floor office hours will be limited Dec. 21 - Jan. 1 due to the holidays, and will resume normal business on Jan. 4. Fifth Floor closes out 2009 with development continuing on The Van Zandt Shakedown, screenplay work on the early 2010 production of the Compton/Craig Project, screenplay work on The Paul Project, a festival screening of Killing Holly in April 2009, and continued online distribution of the award winning short film Leaving Town.
  • Jermaine Stegall has attached to score The Van Zandt Shakedown. Click HERE for more info on Stegall.
  • Fifth Floor has greenlit a project for development. Christopher Compton is currently penning the script and is in the director seat. Brandon Craig will be starring. The project has been fast-tracked to start shooting early 2010.
  • As of today, The Pool Boy has entered into Turnaround and is no longer set up at Fifth Floor Pictures.
  • The reworking and updating of the Media section has been completed.
  • Development continues on The Van Zandt Shakedown. Brandon Craig is currently penning the script for The Paul Project, which looks to go into production sometime in 2011.
  • Fifth Floor has decided to put a hold on the untitled drama project that was previously planned for this summer. Compton and Craig are solely focused on getting a green light for The Van Zandt Shakedown this year. There are currently no projects ahead of the VZS project.
  • Killing Holly was well received at the Bare Bones Film Fest over the weekend. Christopher Compton, Anthony Akiniz of Good Luck Pictures, and actors Josh Durham, Lindsay Hightower, Renee Wiggins, Natalie Cottrell, Vinh Diep, and Bill Eckel were all in attendance for the screening in Muskogee, OK Saturday night. Killing Holly was nominated for Best Dramedy at the festival.
  • Killing Holly screens this Saturday night during the 10th Anniversary Bare Bones Film Festival in Muskogee, OK. Showtime is 9:30PM at the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame and Museum. Click here for screening info.
  • Fifth Floor Pictures celebrates its 4th year.
  • The first theatrical trailer for Killing Holly is now available on the home page.
  • Killing Holly has been nominated for the Bonehead Excellence Award for Best Dramedy at the upcoming Bare Bones Film Fest.
  • Killing Holly will be screening Saturday, April 25, 2009 at 9:30pm at the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame. For screening info, go to B-Side.
  • Killing Holly has been Officially Selected to the 10th Anniversary Bare Bones Film Festival in Muskogee, OK. Screening info will be available soon. The festival runs April 16-29, 2009.
  • The Pool Boy looks to be filming Summer 2010. Zack Hopkins is attached to play the lead in the project and Christopher Compton is still attached to direct. The project has been in development at Fifth Floor since early 2007.
  • Brandon Craig became an official managing member of the entity Fifth Floor Pictures, LLC today.

    Earlier this week, Fifth Floor opted to go ahead and purchase the literary rights for The Van Zandt Shakedown outright vs. renewing the option, as the previous 3 year option agreement, made in Jan. 2006 was coming to an end. The project looks be filming soon.
  • The project formerly known as The Paul Project has been titled by producer Brandon Craig as C.R.E.A.M. Craig is also penning the script. The film is currently slated to shoot in 2010 and will be directed by Christopher Compton. Right now it looks as if C.R.E.A.M. will be Fifth Floor's follow up after The Van Zandt Shakedown.
  • Murphy is live on IMDb as of this week. Click here for more info.

    Anthony Akiniz signed on as a producer on the VZS project.

    The Van Zandt Shakedown is looking at a Spring 2009 production schedule. While details are still being kept under wraps, Fifth Floor notes that things are looking really good with the project right now..
  • Renee Wiggins, who starred in Killing Holly, won People Magazine's Best of 2008 Contest, in the Best Celebrity Look-a-Like category. The issue hits newsstands tomorrow. Click here for more info.
  • The Killing Holly official website is days from being fully live. Some updates can already be seen.
  • Brad Keller has come aboard as a producer on The Van Zandt Shakedown.
  • Killing Holly will be screening at the Bare Bones Film Fest in Muskogee, Oklahoma in April 2009. Exact date and time will be available soon.

    Dennis Farina, Jordi Molla, Ving Rhames, Gabrielle Union, and Peter Facinelli are all rumored for roles in The Van Zandt Shakedown.
  • Earlier this week, a decision was made to hold off on an encore Dallas screening of Killing Holly.

    A meeting between Fifth Floor Pictures, Fireside Entertainment, and Fireside Releasing is scheduled to take place this week regarding The Van Zandt Shakedown.

    Fifth Floor launched the Official Van Zandt Shakedown MySpace page late yesterday.
  • Due to the budget of The Van Zandt Shakedown, an estimated $5 million, the movie will be released theatrically as initially planned. There were talks with Mark Hanson of Fireside Releasing today, which will continue on Friday with Brad Keller of Fireside Entertainment, the parent company of Fireside Releasing.

    According to both Fifth Floor and Good Luck, there is a strong possibility of an encore screening of Killing Holly in Dallas this month due to the positive response from the premiere. Both companies are highly interested in an Austin screening as well, most likely in December.
  • Killing Holly successfully premiered to a full house Wednesday night in Arlington. Good Luck Pictures will take primary control of the film now. Fifth Floor Pictures will continue its endeavors with The Van Zandt Shakedown, Fifth Floor's flagship project.
  • Killing Holly premieres tonight at the Studio Movie Grill in Arlington, TX at 7PM. This is the first screening of the film since its completion. A short Q&A will follow the film.
  • The Premiere Screening for Killing Holly is only two days away. There are still tickets available through our Box Office. Come join the producers, directors, cast, and crew for a night of fun and entertainment at the Studio Movie Grill in Arlington, TX for only $7.
  • Only one week remains before the worldwide premiere of Killing Holly. Tickets to the premiere are available through Fifth Floor's new Box Office service through PayPal. To purchase tickets to the screening, click here.
  • Fifth Floor and Good Luck will be sitting down to watch the final cut of Killing Holly today. As of today, the project is completed.

    The Dallas premiere for Killing Holly will be Wednesday, October 29th at 7:30pm at the Studio Movie Grill in Arlington, TX. There will be about 50-70 tickets available to purchase for anyone who would like to attend. These tickets go on sale tomorrow, Friday, Oct. 17th for only $7 and will sell very fast. For more info, please contact
  • The color grading process for Killing Holly was completed late Thursday night and will take the weekend to process. Work on the film will resume on Monday, Oct. 5th. Fifth Floor and Good Luck expect to have the film completed by next Friday, Oct. 10th.

    Photographer Vinh Diep will be shooting the Killing Holly promotional photos this weekend. Plans are to have promotional items ready by Oct. 10th, according to Diep..
  • Killing Holly has moved into the final stages post-production. Compton and Akiniz reviewed the third cut of the film yesterday.
  • Fifth Floor is in talks with Dallas electro-funk band Foreign Trade to license one of their tracks for Killing Holly.

    The Killing Holly Official Website has been down for about a week due to server changes. The website should be live again in a few days.
  • Tentative premiere dates for Killing Holly are Oct. 22nd and Oct. 29th. Neither date has been locked but those are the current dates on the table. Fifth Floor said the film looks to be completed by Oct. 10th.
  • The teaser trailer for Killing Holly has finally made its way to the public eye. It can currently be seen on the home page of this site.
  • Brandon Craig has pitched a new project to Christopher Compton. It has been greenlit for development at Fifth Floor Pictures amid an already stacked development pipeline. There is no expected release date at this time.
  • The Murphy watch page has been updated with loads of info regarding the short. Murphy was Christopher Compton's entry in the 2008 DFWshortfest. The short placed 3rd in the peer review category, where other Dallas filmmakers ranked the shorts played at the film festival. Click here for the watch page.

    The Van Zandt Shakedown looks to begin filming January 2009. Fifth Floor is keeping all new details about the project very quiet. Although one addition is Libby Mitchell attaching as the Line Producer.
  • Leaving Town is available on Amazon's Unbox Video Downloads to rent for only $1.99. Click here for details.
  • Richard Keller at Studio Idle Idol is still working on the track for the teaser trailer for Killing Holly. Brandon Reyes and Keller recorded for most of the day last Thursday under Keller's independent band Itchy Ritchie's Cargo Crew.

    Fifth Floor and Good Luck met yesterday regarding Killing Holly. Both companies would like to have a completed project by early October, approx. 7 weeks from now, which puts the premiere later that month.
  • Richard Keller will record a track specifically for the Killing Holly teaser this week. The track will feature Brandon Reyes, youngest brother of Christopher Compton. The release of the teaser has been on hold for about 3 weeks due to licensing delays.
  • is two years old. In the past year the website had 18,436 visitors, a 9% increase from last year. The most active quarter was Quarter 2 2008, with 5,413 hits. The most active month was May 2008, with 2,455 hits; which to date is the busiest month since launch in Aug. 2006. The most active day was May 6, 2008, with 187 hits to the site.
  • New projections have the Killing Holly premiere closer to Oct./Nov. 2008 versus an earlier projection of a September '08 premiere. Fifth Floor also says that post-production is at about the halfway point.

    Fifth Floor and Good Luck are in talks with Future Sound Studios to work on the Killing Holly audio tracks and sound mixing.
  • Fifth Floor and Good Luck are in talks with Future Sound Studios to work on the Killing Holly audio tracks and sound mixing.
  • The Fifth Floor Pictures Merchandise Store is now live! Go here. The Merchandise Store is a major component in Brandon Craig's new marketing plan for Fifth Floor Pictures. The store has been on and off the table for about a year now, but with Fifth Floor currently shifting gears in the Dallas film industry, there is no better time for the launch than the present.
  • Brandon Craig has been promoted to President of Fifth Floor Pictures, LLC. He was formerly the Vice-President under Chad Myers, who was President of the company from September 2005 to May 2008.

    Chad Myers and Fifth Floor have been in talks regarding The Pool Boy project. Myers has a completed version of the script. Both sides touched on terms regarding the project, but nothing major has been laid down. Myers and Compton were originally going to write the screenplay together after the project was greenlit in Jan. 2007. The project was in limbo for the first half of this year, but seems to be settling on firmer ground now.
  • The first cut of Killing Holly has been completed. It will be screened later today by Fifth Floor and Good Luck.
  • Richard Keller and Romeo Carbajal have been contacted by Christopher Compton to put together some tracks for Killing Holly. Both Keller and Carbajal produced tracks for Leaving Town, which was nominated for Best Score at the 2007 Darkhorse Film Fest.

    The short project, Forever, with director Nima Ghamari has been put on hold for the time being. The schedules of both Fifth Floor and Ghamri are full at the moment and there is just nowhere to fit it in. However, both sides insist that they want to do the project.
  • Actor Marcus M. Mauldin has attached to the Untitled Compton/Craig Project also known as the Paul Project after a pitch from producer Brandon Craig. Additionally, Sean Brison and Brandon Craig are attached to the project.

    The Van Zandt Shakedown start date has been announced. Fifth Floor Pictures has set the start of principal photography on Saturday, January 9, 2010. Additionally the full website launch for VZS is set for October 2009. The new dates are the result of a meeting between Fifth Floor Pictures and The Studios at Las Colinas on Friday, July 11th.
  • The first teaser for Killing Holly has been approved to go to the colorist. It was previously going to be only a 30 second spot, but the final runtime is over a minute. It is still expected to be live sometime next week.

    Seven production stills taken by photographer Vinh Diep, encompassing various days of Killing Holly are available Back Stage.
  • The first teaser of Killing Holly will be sent to the colorist in Chicago early this week. It is expected to be made public sometime next week.

    The wrap party for Killing Holly is Saturday, July 12th in Grand Prairie. The announcement was made last week to the cast and crew involved in the production.
  • Killing Holly production stills from photographer Vinh Diep will be turned in tonight. Select stills will be available soon.

    The first rough cut of Killing Holly is due the middle of next week. Christopher Compton is about 1/3 into the movie as of today. A 30 second teaser is scheduled to be released next month.

    Fifth Floor and Nima Ghamari will be meeting in July to lay out the specifics for the short film Forever.
  • Fifth Floor has entered talks with Nima Ghamari to direct a short written by Christopher Compton. Ghamari was the winner of both Audience Choice and Best Picture awards at the recent 2008 DFWshortfest with his short Dirty Money. Brandon Craig will be the producer in charge of the production. Sean Brison and Keith Douglas are the favorites to star in the short, but Fifth Floor insists that the final cast is totally up to Ghamari, who has expressed interest in giving the project shot. Keith Douglas has expressed interest in the project.
  • Killing Holly has officially wrapped. Post-production activities begin Monday, June 16th. An estimated schedule has the feature slated to premiere in Dallas sometime in September of this year; a date which is highly dependent upon post-producton requirements.
  • The final scene of Killing Holly is scheduled to shoot this Saturday. Post-production will begin on Monday, June 16th.

    Thirteen production stills taken by photographer Amanda Munster, encompassing Days 4-6 of Killing Holly are available Back Stage.

    The final scene of Killing Holly is penciled in for this coming Saturday. Fifth Floor and Good Luck will be taking a closer look at the location today. As of now, it appears that the scene will be filmed there. More news regarding this will be available later today.
  • Only one scene remains to be filmed on Killing Holly. Fifth Floor and Good Luck may be able to get it scheduled for late this week. The only hang up has been the location for the scene. Fifth Floor has been working to get everything finalized with the location this week, allowing the production to wrap up.

    Christopher Compton premiered his short Murphy last night at the 2008 DFWshortfest. Fifth Floor has secured rights to the short for online consumption by the public. The short film stars Brandon Craig, Ronn Ausborne, with Zalika Thomas, Sara Wright, and Brian Trewitt. To see the short, click here.
  • The indieWIRE Production Report featuring Killing Holly is available here.
  • The next filming day scheduled is Thursday, which will be Day 7 of filming and will cover two scenes. Only one other scene remains to be scheduled for filming.

    Eleven production stills from Days 4 and 5 of Killing Holly have been added Back Stage. Stills from photographers Vinh Diep and Amanda Munster are expected within the next week or two.
  • Select production stills of Killing Holly are available on the Back Stage section. More stills will continue to be posted on the site over the next few days.

    Fifth Floor and Good Luck just completed a 6 day stretch of shooting Killing Holly yesterday. Production will break for about 3 days and continue early next week. At this point almost the entire cast has wrapped. About three scenes remain to be filmed before heading into post-production.
  • Killing Holly officially begins principal photography today. Drew Waters and Josh Durham lead a talented group of Dallas actresses in Lindsay Hightower, Zalika Thomas, Paula Wood, Heather Okun, Renee Wiggins, Leeanna Seidler, Jennifer Toppan, and Natalie Cottrell. The comedy/thriller co-produced and co-directed by Anthony Akiniz of Good Luck Pictures and Christopher Compton is slated to premiere later this year.
  • The Killing Holly IMDb listing is live. Click here.

    Killing Holly begins filming this Friday. Excitement is building across the board as the production begins presents itself as one solid unit. Killing Holly will be the first feature for Fifth Floor Pictures.
  • Today was Chad Myers' final day at Fifth Floor Pictures. He takes with him 4 projects that were previously in development here at Fifth Floor, including the recent Untitled Compton/Myers Project (2008), Untitled Psych Thriller (2009), Untitled Chad Myers Project (2010), and Verräter (unknown). As of this point no one has replaced him as the President of the company and no moves will likely be made until after Killing Holly has wrapped.
  • Christopher Compton and Anthony Akiniz interviewed with IndieWIRE today regarding Killing Holly. The article should run the first week of June.

    Lindsay Hightower has signed on to play Holly, the title character, in Killing Holly. Zalika Thomas and Jennifer Toppan agreed (in principle) over the weekend to star in the film. Leeanna Seidler signed late Monday after speaking with Christopher Compton and Anthony Akiniz. Natalie Cottrell also signed Monday. The cast should be sealed by week's end.
  • All offers for Killing Holly have been made. Almost everyone who received an offer has attached so far; Fifth Floor and Good Luck are still waiting on a few actors to attach.
  • The Final Call for Killing Holly is today. Click here for details.

    Killing Holly makes the film trades in Hollywood. Click here for the listing in The Hollywood Reporter. Click here for the listing in Variety.
  • Fifth Floor and Good Luck are holding a final call for Killing Holly. Three roles are specifically targeted at the call, which will be held at the same location this Thursday, May 8th from 6pm - 9m. Click here for details.
  • The open call for Killing Holly went off without a hitch. The turnout was beyond expectations. Compton and Akiniz will review the auditions on Monday. No names will be listed until Tuesday, unless they finish early on Monday. The film should be near 100% cast by the end of the week.

    The casting call for Killing Holly is today from 12pm - 5pm at the Coffee Cup Cafe in Grand Prairie, TX. This will be the only call for actors and actresses for the film. Please click here for info.
  • Christopher Compton and Brandon Craig met with Anthony Akiniz from Good Luck Pictures today. Also in attendance was A.D. Mason Compton. The four discussed the Killing Holly casting call, scheduled for this Sunday, May 4th. They briefly touched on the actual production of the picture as well. Today marks three weeks until filming begins.
  • Information regarding the Killing Holly casting call is now available on the site. It includes the address to the casting call and all roles the Good Luck and Fifth Floor are auditioning for. As a reminder, this is an open call. Anyone in the DFW metroplex is welcome to come audition for any of the available roles this Sunday, May 4th from 12pm to 5pm at the Coffee Cup Cafe in Grand Prairie, TX. This is a one time casting call; there will be no additional auditioning for the film. Click here for more info.
  • Christopher Compton and Anthony Akiniz signed Josh Durham to Killing Holly today. Drew Waters will most likely be officially signed on to the project by tomorrow. The script is making its way around Dallas picking up many actors and actresses around town. Fifth Floor and Good Luck Pictures have received about 10 verbal attachments to the project already. Ronn Ausborne had to decline due to a scheduling conflict. Zalika Thomas and Sean Brison are still in talks, but will probably be signed to an agreement by early next week.
  • Fifth Floor and Good Luck will most likely begin sending out deal memos for Killing Holly tomorrow. Josh Durham appears to be the front runner in inking a deal for the movie. According to both companies, the project is right on schedule. The start date for filming is Friday, May 23, 2008 and is scheduled to wrap on Monday, May 26, 2008, just two weeks before the 2008 DFWshortfest, a Dallas area short film competition put together by Akiniz and Compton.

    The current list of actors in talks for Killing Holly are Drew Waters, Josh Durham, Zalika Thomas, Sean Brison, and Ronn Ausborne. These actors will most likely sign on. Fifth Floor and Good Luck are aiming to sign Waters and Durham by the end of this week. Additional casting is penciled to be completed by Monday, May 5th, or sometime that week. Joe Francis of Big Sir Productions has attached to play a small role in the film as well. More casting news is expected over the next few days.
  • The first draft of Killing Holly is complete. Any rewrites will be completed over the weekend.
  • Casting for Killing Holly begins next week on Wednesday, April 23, 2008. All casting of this project will go through Good Luck Pictures, contact info will be given next week.

    The script for Killing Holly will most likely be completed today. Production is slated to begin on Friday, May 23, 2008 and wrap on Monday, May 26, 2008. The project enters Pre-Production on Monday, April 21, 2008.
  • Brandon Craig and Christopher Compton met for the majority of the day yesterday regarding their upcoming project this summer. The meeting consisted primarily of work on the screenplay. Compton briefly met with Anthony Akiniz early in the day, as well regarding Killing Holly.
  • A production meeting is scheduled for the end of the week regarding the Untitled Compton/Craig Project slated to film this summer. Sean Brison and Brandon Craig are verbally attached to star in the project, but no contracts have been drafted yet.
  • The media page is being redesigned and is scheduled to be completed within the next couple of weeks.
  • The status of The Van Zandt Shakedown has changed to Optioned Property as Fifth Floor continues to try to secure financing for the picture.

    Ronn Ausborne has attached to Killing Holly.
  • Mark Rutledge has attached to do cinematography for Killing Holly.
  • The title of the upcoming joint production between Fifth Floor and Good Luck Pictures is Killing Holly. Drew Waters and Josh Durham both attached to the project late today. Anthony Akiniz at Good Luck has expressed interest in Ronn Ausborne and Zalika Thomas for the feature.
  • Fifth Floor Pictures and Good Luck Pictures have agreed to co-produce the Untitled Akiniz/Compton Project. The contractual agreement is still being drafted, but Good Luck will be the primary production company behind the picture, while Fifth Floor will play a smaller role in the production, namely on the business end. Some details of the contract are that Christopher Compton and Anthony Akiniz will co-direct, co-produce, and co-write the picture which is slated to begin filming in about 5 weeks. Josh Durham has verbally expressed interest in starring in the movie, but no contract has been inked just yet. Good Luck and Fifth Floor will be casting for the movie in the few weeks. A 2008 release looks promising.
  • In celebration of Fifth Floor Pictures' 3 years in business, Loose Ends has been made available to the public today for free. Click here to watch it.
  • Fifth Floor Pictures celebrates 3 years this month. Christopher Compton founded the company in March of 2005 simply to produce a short film. The company has since been incorporated and has managed to place its mark in Dallas for a long time to come. Compton has impressively guided Fifth Floor Pictures to the forefront of the Dallas film community in this short time. The addition of Chad Myers and Brandon Craig within the first year and a half of being in business has helped Compton aggressively grow the company. Compton says, "Three years isn't really a long time, but it seems like almost ten with everything we've done. We've been fortunate enough to be very busy from day one." Fifth Floor Pictures looks to expand even more in the next couple of years. With a reputation the preceeds the company, a strong CEO behind the wheel, and co-executives who accept nothing short of the best, Fifth Floor Pictures is heading in the right direction, forward. Learn more about Fifth Floor here.
  • Brandon Craig has teamed up with Christopher Compton to crank out the script for project due to film this summer. Zalika Thomas and Sean Brison look to be top prospects for the cast along with Craig. Competition will be fierce for the remaining roles, which are few. Fifth Floor will be diligently searching for the perfect cast for this project soon.
  • In light of the cancellation of the Untitled Compton/Myers Project last week, Fifth Floor Pictures has moved swiftly to replace the project. Christopher Compton has already begun penning another script to shoot this summer.

    Christopher Compton is currently co-writing a screenplay with Anthony Akiniz for Good Luck Pictures. Compton and Akiniz are planning to co-direct the feature which looks to begin in May of this year. The script is about halfway done and is a comedy. Akiniz is in talks with Josh Durham to star.
  • Development of the Untitled Compton/Myers Project (2008) has been halted. Christopher Compton backed out of the project late yesterday (Wed.) and it looks as if Fifth Floor will just pull the plug on it. No definitive reasons or other details will be given. Fifth Floor Pictures wants to ensure everyone that this is nothing more than just a smart business decision and should not be construed as anything more.
  • Christopher Compton and Chad Myers met briefly yesterday regarding the project they're working on for this summer. They discussed the script and other elements of the project. It is now known that this movie will be a thriller wrapped around the character played by Brandon Craig.
  • Promotional photography, featuring Brandon Craig, for the Untitled Compton/Myers Project (2008) will take place next week at The Rogers Hotel in Waxahachie, TX. No exact day or time will be released.
  • The Compton/Myers summer project is beginning to heat up. A possible contribution to the budget, which is in the works right now, could help the project hit the ground running.
  • Christopher Compton will shoot a side project Saturday, March 1st, for the 2008 DFWshortfest presented by DFWindie. It is a short, unrelated to Fifth Floor Pictures, that will be part of an anonymous competition lead by Compton and Anthony Akiniz. The short will be available online when the competition is over in late April. Compton has courted a cast from some of Dallas' finest talent, who have to remain unnamed due to the anonymity of the competition, as most of them are very well known in the Dallas film community.

    Fifth Floor Pictures has resumed the search for financing for The Van Zandt Shakedown (2009). The recent strike between the WGA and AMPTP which officially ended earlier this month was the largest factor in the delay of the project; which began on November 5, 2007 and ended February 12, 2008. This was the exact time frame VZS had been slated to begin.
  • Christopher Compton began penning the script for the Untitled Compton/Myers Project on Monday. A brief piece has already been sent to FFP VP/Actor Brandon Craig who is attached to play the lead. Fifth Floor may talk with Dallas actor Sean Brison to play a big role in the film, yet there are no details on that as of yet. Compton should have a first draft within the next two weeks, with a rewrite already planned. Fifth Floor notes that a few other key actors/actresses are in mind but no moves will be made until a completed draft of the script has been realized.
  • Fifth Floor Pictures says the Untitled Compton/Myers Project will film in Waxahachie, TX. An exact location is known, but no other details were revealed. Compton and Myers touched briefly on the project today, but stated a script has yet to be penned, which will be done by Christopher Compton in the upcoming weeks, with a completed draft expected by March. Myers will fast-track the project and a start date looks to be somewhere around June/July 2008.
  • Brandon Craig is attached to star in the Untitled Compton/Myers Project that will film later this year. Fifth Floor Pictures will be looking at various actors strictly in Dallas to flesh out the cast. Whether they will hold an open casting call or not is unclear at this point.
  • A meeting between Christopher Compton and Chad Myers is scheduled for Thursday to map out the 2008 feature project for Fifth Floor. The project will shoot this year, most likely this summer. After talks yesterday with Brandon Craig and today between Myers and Compton, a project has been agreed upon. It is not the Untitled Psych Thriller as previously speculated, but another project. No other details have been stated.
  • Fifth Floor Pictures received the second draft of storyboards for The Van Zandt Shakedown from Arista Bros. Illustrations yesterday. Select panels are available Back Stage, here.
  • It appears as if The Van Zandt Shakedown will be pushed another year after previously slated to be filming right now. Fifth Floor cites the ongoing strike between the WGA and the AMPTP as the main reason for projects being delayed. "It's just tough to get things going right now with the strike going on; there aren't a lot of moves being made right now", stated Christopher Compton. The Pool Boy, another project that was slated to film this coming summer will possibly be delayed until Summer 2009. Right now, Fifth Floor Pictures has several options for low-budget features that they can go forward with this year, one being the Untitled Psych Thriller that was slated to film in 2009. Chad Myers may fast-track the project to the front of the line due to Fifth Floor needing approx. $4M to shoot The Van Zandt Shakedown and The Pool Boy. The Untitled Psych Thriller can be done for a lot less; Fifth Floor claims they can shoot it now if they wanted to, which may be what happens. Myers and Compton will most likely have a decision for a 2008 project by mid-week.
  • Fifth Floor begins talks with actor Russell Reynolds to star in The Pool Boy.
  • Chad Myers releases the title of a new project he is developing. Verräter is a war movie he pitched today. Christopher Compton greenlit development on the project. Verräter does not have a release date of any time in the near future. No details other than the title were released.
  • Fifth Floor Pictures will close this Friday, Dec. 21st for the year, and re-open Wednesday, Jan. 2nd. The executives will meet this week for the EOY meeting. Any news made available to the public will be announced by the end of the week. Happy Holidays!
  • Leaving Town is now available on DVD at Amazon. Soon, it will be available through Amazon's Unbox Video on Demand, where you can either download to own or download to rent. IndieFlix will be implementing the Video on Demand feature on their website soon. The download to own price through Amazon's Unbox is the same as the DVD purchase price, $9.95. No word yet on the download to rent price.
  • Leaving Town made plenty of noise at the 2007 Darkhorse Film Festival last night (Sun., Dec. 9th). Leaving Town was nominated for Best Score, Best Editing, Mason Compton for Best Cinematography, and Jodie Moore for Best Supporting Actor. Then Leaving Town wins Studio Choice Award for Best Picture from The Studios at Las Colinas. It was a big night for Fifth Floor Pictures and everyone involved in making the film.
  • Leaving Town is now available at CreateSpace.
  • Leaving Town is an Official Selection at the Darkhorse Film Fest. Showtime will be available soon.
  • The interview with Christopher Compton in The North Texas Daily is available here.
  • Betsy Stelzer from the North Texas Daily interviewed Christopher Compton today. A link to the article will be available soon.
  • Three new projects have been added to the current projects list. The three projects make up a total of 5 films, all Christopher Compton projects. Mr. Compton adds that these films are not planned for production anytime soon. The trilogy has been written since 2003, by Compton, but the project will require upwards of $300 million to complete, likely more when the project actually does go into production. Also on the list, Land of Paradise, a war epic. Fifth Floor Pictures will not release any other details about the project other than they have a screenplay treatment/outline completed. Another Untitled Christopher Compton Project is also on the list, which is listed in the crime genre. Brandon Craig also has another project that may be added to the list soon. As of now, the development total sits at 13 films, with The Van Zandt Shakedown being the first planned to go into production.
  • Some last minute news for The Pool Boy before the holiday. Fifth Floor Pictures is in talks with Dallas actor Jason Patrick to star in the comedy, which is slated to begin filming Summer 2008.
  • Fifth Floor Pictures completed the final test scene for The Van Zandt Shakedown on Saturday, Nov. 17th in Deep Ellum. Frame grabs are available on the Back Stage section, click here. As a reminder, the test footage will not be released to the public.
  • Leaving Town will be available soon at and at $9.95 per copy. Also, all DVDs purchased from any of our distributors come loaded with the special features, which include The Premeire, Directors' Commentary, Bloopers, and Scene Selection. All of this adds up to over 2 hours of content.
  • Actor Chris Durham will take Matt Thurston's place as Percy for the test scene this weekend alongside Brandon Craig as Albert. Craig was previously cast as Doc in the film. Christopher Compton said he needed someone who he felt comfortable with filling in. Matt Thurston is busy with a stage production that opens the same day at The Box Theatre in Ft. Worth, TX and as the saying goes, "The show must go on". He is still cast as Percy in the film. Mr. Compton recently worked with Durham on Dade and Alex Rob A Bank, a short film written, produced, and directed by Joe Francis of Big Sir Productions, and co-produced by Mr. Compton. Chris Durham was also the Key Grip on the previous test shoot on Nov. 4th.

    This Saturday, Nov. 17th Fifth Floor will be shooting the additional test scene for The Van Zandt Shakedown in Dallas.
  • Brandon Craig will now take on the role of Albert in The Van Zandt Shakedown. He was previously cast as Doc, but due to unnamed reasons, Mr. Craig has been recast into a larger role in the film.

    Fifth Floor will talk with Fifth Floor Pictures VP and actor Brandon Craig about his role in The Van Zandt Shakedown. "We're going try to get Brandon into a better role in the film. He has so much to bring to the table with his acting abilities", said Chad Myers.

    Three frame grabs from the VZS test scene shot on Sunday Nov. 4th are available on the Back Stage page, click here.

    Fifth Floor completed the VZS test scene scheduled on Sunday Nov. 4th. After seeing the final cut on Monday, and due to its success, it has been decided that an additional, complimentary, scene will be shot. That shoot is scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 17th. Again, these clips will not be made available to the public.
  • Fifth Floor Pictures is in talks with Danish actor Kim Bodnia to star in The Van Zandt Shakedown as The Chef.

    Fifth Floor Pictures will be shooting a test scene for The Van Zandt Shakedown this Sunday, Nov. 4th. Unfortunately, the scene will not be released to the public.
  • Leaving Town is currently the top selling feature at Indie Flix.

    Leaving Town was released today on DVD from Creative Edge Studios, Inc. at; click here to buy.
  • Fifth Floor Pictures signed a non-exclusive distribution agreement Friday with Creative Edge Studios, Inc. for the distribution of Leaving Town through
  • Leaving Town is now available on DVD through IndieFlix. Click here to buy.
  • We will begin working on the website navigation and appearance this coming week. As of now, to keep the information available to the public, there is a very simple nav button on the home page to the 'past project' section. The newly released Leaving Town short can be found on this page. Please bear with us as work to enhance your ability to navigate the website.
  • Leaving Town will be available on DVD and video download from IndieFlix on Tuesday, October 16, 2007. For more information, please go to Once the film's personal page is available, we will link to it.
  • Jesse Corpus III attaches to The Pool Boy (2009). The project is slated to film Summer 2008.

    The second draft of the storyboards for The Van Zandt Shakedown will be turned in to Fifth Floor next week.

    IndieFlix has screened and decided they will distribute Leaving Town. They have not set a release date for the film yet. The soonest is 1-2 weeks, the latest is after 30 days from today.
  • Fifty (50) pre-street copies of Leaving Town will be available through F.A.P. Publishing next week. F.A.P. will set their own price for the DVD, which will be complete with all bonus features. Frank Pryor, the owner of the music publishing company, is the manager for Dallas band A Pacific Model who have two songs featured in Leaving Town. Click here to be taken to F.A.P. Publishing's MySpace site.
  • Fifth Floor has received the DVD artwork for Leaving Town. The movie will be shipped to the distributor on Tuesday, October 2nd. They will then give Fifth Floor a set release date for the short film.
  • Leaving Town will not be playing in Bay City. Fifth Floor speculates that the film may be too heavy on some subjects, including violence and language, thus causing the film to be passed over at the two festivals it has been submitted to, to date.
  • Five panels from the first batch of storyboards for The Van Zandt Shakedown are now available on the Back Stage page, click here.
  • Christopher Compton spoke with the Hell's Half Mile Film Fest today. The selection committee for the festival is sending out notifications to all filmmakers with films that were officially selected this week. So Fifth Floor expects to have some kind of word regarding Leaving Town this week.
  • Fifth Floor will receive the first round of storyboards for The Van Zandt Shakedown next Tuesday, Sept. 18th. Shortly thereafter, select boards will be up on the website. Don't expect a lot, as this round will be more simplistic than the final storyboards that will be used for the production. They will get more detailed and actor tailored as time passes.
  • Brandon Craig will leave Dallas today to do research on his upcoming project, which is yet to be titled. He has not released any details of the project to the public.

    Fifth Floor Pictures will send Leaving Town to online film distributor IndieFlix for possible acquisition and distribution. "Once we get the DVD artwork finalized, its out the door," said Christopher Compton. If IndieFlix acquires the film, the DVD will be purchased through them, not Fifth Floor Pictures.
  • The Front Page of The Orange County News today featured The Van Zandt Shakedown star Drew Waters. "Drew's next project is unlike the commercial appeal of the Simpson films and other previous work. In "The Van Zandt Shakedown", a stark drama, he plays an Irishman who, with a Cuban friend, is marked by the mob. The film follows the pair as they attempt to get out of town before they meet what fates lies ahead. It's one of those "independent films" you hear about occasionally, but Waters said those are quite common inside the industry", writes Robert Hankins of The Orange County News. Click here for the full article.
  • Pre-production for The Van Zandt Shakedown is still slated to begin on Monday, November 5, 2007. Also, Fifth Floor plans to shoot the film on the Red One camera system. Links regarding the VZS project have been changed from internally on this site, to it's own site at As of now, the page is parked, but look for a fully functional site to be up by the end of the year, or near the beginning of production on the film.

    The final DVD artwork for Leaving Town looks to be completed soon. Fifth Floor had to change artists which has inevitably delayed the release of the short film on DVD. Also, September 14th is the notification date from the Hell's Half Mile Film Fest, where Leaving Town was submitted a couple months ago. Only two more submissions to film fests are on the horizon, the Lone Star Int. Film Fest and the Orlando Film Fest.

    Storyboards for The Van Zandt Shakedown are now being created. As the process progresses, select boards will be available here on the Back Stage section. They look to be completed somewhere around November.
  • Christopher Compton and Chad Myers laid down the Director's Commentary for Leaving Town yesterday. The DVD, including all bonus material, is now completed and is right on schedule for the DVD premiere later this month. The compiling of the DVD should be completed today. This afternoon, three samples of the DVD artwork are planned to be delivered to Fifth Floor Pictures, where Brandon Craig and Chad Myers will make the decision regarding that. Another two samples are scheduled to be delivered by Monday the 13th. Fifth Floor Pictures plans to have the DVD shipped to the distributor by the end of next week.
  • Fifth Floor Pictures announces another project. The project, helmed by Christopher Compton, is under tight guard with no one knowing about it other than Fifth Floor. It is only at the treatment/outline stage and doesn't have any kind of release schedule. It is a high profile picture that has created a lot of buzz at Fifth Floor, who maintains that about four other pictures have been greenlit beyond The Pool Boy (2009), including a Psych-Thriller, a Brandon Craig project, a Chad Myers drama starring Matt Thurston, and a separate Christopher Compton project starring Brandon Craig before this one may even see the light of day. Mr. Compton insists that this project is planned to go full scale and that its not just some idea.
  • proudly celebrates 1 year. In the past year this website was visited by 15,121 distinct visitors and served 680,447 requests. The most active quarter was Quarter 2 2007, which had 5,137 hits. The most active month was June 2007 which had 1,951 hits to the site. The most active day, April 13, 2007. Thank you to everyone who visits the site and shows interests in what the guys at Fifth Floor Pictures are up to; it is you who helps this site continue to grow.
  • The next installment in the Back Stage promotional videos is available. This video shows pieces of the premiere for Leaving Town on May 23, 2007. Click here to go to the Back Stage page. Also available are the VZS promo photos; click here to view them.
  • The Pool Boy web page is now up, click here to view it. Right now, it is just a place holder for the interactive flash site that will be available as the release date nears. Also, the Back Stage web page is now available, click here to view it. On the Current Projects page, all highlighted titles have web pages, just click the orange titles to view the pages.
  • Fifth Floor begins talks with actor Julio Cedillo (The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, The Life of David Gale, The Alamo) to play an unidentified role in The Van Zandt Shakedown.

    Fifth Floor Pictures will release Leaving Town in August on DVD through CES/Filmrunner for worldwide distribution. Fifth Floor has also talked with Frank Pryor of FAP Publishing regarding the sale of DVDs at the concerts for Dallas band, A Pacific Model, who had two songs featured in the film.

    Packaging is complete for The Van Zandt Shakedown minus three key players and extras casting. The project has entered the final stage of development and is now being looked at by financiers. As of now, pre-production is scheduled to begin on Monday, November 5, 2007, barring funding/financing. That is the only date being released to the public as of now, although start and stop dates have been set.

    Fifth Floor Pictures will submit Leaving Town to the Hell's Half Mile Film Fest in Michigan. Notifcation isn't until September, so there will be a wait for any news on that.
  • Actors Kevin Brooks and Chris Warner have attached to The Van Zandt Shakedown
  • Three character posters are available on the Van Zandt Shakedown main page. Click here to view them.
  • Leaving Town will not be playing at the Las Vegas Int. Film Fest.
  • Fifth Floor began talks earlier this week with actors Chris Warner (Sin City, Life of David Gale) and Kevin Brooks to star in The Van Zandt Shakedown along side actor Craig Foster as 'The Brothers'.
  • Fifth Floor Pictures plans to have Leaving Town distributed through IndieFlix. "It will help us reach a larger audience, right now. Later this year, we will release the special edition of the movie which will include all sorts of DVD extras. But right now, the main objective is getting the movie out there," said producer/director Christopher Compton. There is still no word on the Las Vegas Int. Film Fest.
  • Cinematographer Mark Rutledge attaches to The Van Zandt Shakedown. The feature is slated to begin filming in January 2008. Specific start and end dates are known, but will not be released until later this year. Fifth Floor Pictures is still trying to land the funding for the vessel.
  • Today, Gov. Rick Perry passed the Texas Film Incentive Program into law. The $22 million dollar program offers financial incentives to filmmakers who produce their films in Texas. Click here for more info.

    The first installment of Fifth Floor's video-blog, Back Stage, is up on the home page. The 12 min. video features some of the promo photography for The Van Zandt Shakedown with Mason Compton, Brandon Craig, Chad Myers, Vinh Deip, and John Baran. Photos featuring Drew Waters can also be seen. A hi-res version will be available on the Media page soon.
  • Later this week Christopher Compton will meet with cinematographer Mark Rutledge about working on The Van Zandt Shakedown.

    Fifth Floor will try Leaving Town in Las Vegas. The film was sent to the Las Vegas Internation Film Festival today. The notification date is approx. June 21st.
  • Actor Mark Hanson attaches to play Isaac in The Van Zandt Shakedown.
  • Fifth Floor Pictures is in talks with actor Zack Hopkins to play the title character in The Pool Boy.
  • Leaving Town premiered before a sell-out crowd Wednesday night, who cheered and applauded the film as the closing credits rolled. The final stage of the project is only beginning, as Fifth Floor will now strategically insert the film into the festival circuit. There are also talks of an industry screening in June, here in Dallas.
  • Leaving Town premieres tomorrow evening at the Studio Movie Grill in Arlington, TX at 7:00pm for 100 guests. The showing is sold out! The cast will be in attendance, among the members of the audience who were lucky enough to get tickets. There will be a meet & greet, screening of the film, and a Q&A afterwards. In addition, Fifth Floor will show a, one time, behind the scenes look at the promo photography for The Van Zandt Shakedown.
  • Austin band, Low Line Caller has agreed to the use of their song Elle Phunt in Leaving Town. Elle Phunt can be found on their 'Continuing Cities' album. Fifth Floor is also talking with Dallas band, The UBA, to possibly record a song for the movie. Actor Richard Keller is the bassist for the band.
  • Tickets for the premiere of Leaving Town are SOLD OUT!! The premiere is exactly one week away.
  • The final theatrical trailer for Leaving Town is now available.
  • Fifth Floor begins talks with Low Line Caller, a band out of Austin, TX, to be on the soundtrack for Leaving Town; which premieres in 9 days.
  • The premiere for Leaving Town has moved to 7:00pm on Wednesday, May 23rd vs. 4:30pm as previously scheduled. The event will last until 9:00pm that night. Fifth Floor has also announced that there will be a sneek peek presentation of media involving The Van Zandt Shakedown. Tickets are on sale now!

    Christopher Compton is attached to edit a film involving actor Zack Hopkins for a 24 Hour Video Race here in Dallas. The project will begin next Friday, May 18th at midnight and will end Saturday May, 19th at midnight. More details on this project soon.
  • Tickets go on sale tomorrow for the Premiere of Leaving Town at the Studio Movie Grill in Arlington, TX on Wednesday, May 23, 2007 at 4:30pm. Only 50 tickets are available and are sold on a first-come-first-served basis. Contact Fifth Floor through for more information regarding tickets for this special event.
  • The release date for Leaving Town is Wednesday, May 23, 2007. Fifth Floor Pictures will premiere the film before 100 guests at the Studio Movie Grill's Arlington, TX location. The premiere of the film will be at 4:30pm that afternoon. The final trailer for the film is expected soon. However, ADR continues on the project with actors Drew Waters, Jodie Moore, and Keith Douglas scheduled to hit the studio within the next week. The Vice-President of Fifth Floor Pictures, Brandon Craig, feels that there is plenty of time to complete the film, which now has a final cut date of Saturday, May 19th, just four days before it's premiere.
  • It is official, bands A Pacific Model and Fine For Now have been signed to be on the soundtrack for Leaving Town. Fifth Floor Pictures cannot release an actual soundtrack CD of the films music, so the only way to hear the music is to see the movie. A Pacifiic Model's Catapults and Slow Silent off of their 'Divisions' album, and Fine For Now's 2nd Coming off of their 'And The Crowd Goes Wild' album are slated to be in the film.
  • The Van Zandt Shakedown has been approved by the Screen Actors Guild to be produced under the SAG Modified Low Budget (Diversity) Agreement.
  • Two premiere dates Leaving Town have now been mentioned, May 14th or May 21st; both of those being Mondays. Nothing is set in concrete as of yet. Although, Fifth Floor would like to close the deal with Studio Movie Grill, who is now just waiting on Fifth Floor Pictures to name the date. What is for sure is that the World Premiere of Leaving Town will be at the Studio Movie Grill's brand new Arlington location.

    The new list of possible cities that Fifth Floor will release Leaving Town has been made. The list includes Philadelphia, Portsmouth (New Hampshire), Rome (Georgia), Orlando, Las Vegas, The Bronx, and the possibility of foreign release in Vancouver, Canada. The Telluride Film Festival is also named. Fifth Floor plans to release the film in more cities, and insists that this is just the short list. Dallas will see the film before anyone next month. Fifth Floor Pictures says there will be probably three screenings of the film in Dallas through May and June.
  • The final theatrical trailer for Leaving Town is expected within the next two weeks.

    Construction on the Media page is complete. Minor work on the individual pages of the movies continues, however, especially with getting the actual media back online.
  • Although construction continues on the Media page, most updates will be seen overnight, tonight.

    The post-production audio team is working diligently to prepare the soundtrack for Leaving Town. Last week, Fifth Floor Pictures began contractual negotiations with bands, A Pacific Model and Fine For Now, to use specific songs in the soundtrack. The names of the exact songs and the albums you can find them on will be released once negotiations are complete. Also, the date for the world premiere of Leaving Town is still in the air.
  • Fireside Releasing (The Prodigy, Tennis Anyone?, A Killer Within) has expressed its intentions to distribute The Van Zandt Shakedown on DVD when it becomes available in 2008. There is no real committment as of yet, just interest in the project.

    Fifth Floor Pictures and Studio Movie Grill finalized all of the details with the special engagement screening of Leaving Town. No date has been set; however, it will be in May. A special event for Fifth Floor Pictures will be held at Purgatory nightclub in downtown Dallas in June, more details as they become available.
  • An exact release date for Leaving Town is close to being nailed down. It will definitely be released in early May, slightly overdue from the previously expected April release. Fifth Floor confirms that the project is near completion and will be ready by May. All of the details are still being worked out between Fifth Floor Pictures and the Studio Movie Grill in Arlington, TX. Right now, the only date even mentioned is a hypothetical May 7th, which is most likely the earliest Fith Floor can get the film into the theater. The public can expect an exact date within the next two weeks.
  • After an executive meeting last Thursday (Mar 29th), the decision was made to push the production of The Pool Boy to the summer of 2008, while working on an Untitled Psych-Thriller this year right before the VZS project at the end of the year. The currently untitled project is slated to begin filming later this year with Brandon Craig in the running for the lead role.

    Leaving Town enters the final stages of post-production on Monday (Apr 2nd) as Soulbrite, TreeTop, and J Debt go to work on the audio track. As of now, the final cut date is still set for April 20th, approximately 3 weeks from now. The trio claims the 20th would be cutting it close, but they won't know until the end of the week how much more time, if any, they would need. "We're really excited to get it out there, we know a lot of folks are waiting to see it", commented Christopher Compton.
  • Please bear with us as we continue to work on the Media page. It is taking longer than expected, especially as we, at Fifth Floor Pictures, are extremely busy at the moment, working on the Leaving Town project.

    Fifth Floor Pictures will have the world premiere of Leaving Town at the Studio Movie Grill in Arlington, TX around May 1st or 2nd. "We are still ironing out the details, and won't have an exact date until sometime in April," said producer/director Christopher Compton. The film should screen all summer long in various cities around the US. Fifth Floor is also taking a look at the foreign market; nothing specific has been named as of yet.

    The project completion date for Leaving Town has been set for April 20, 2007. This does not mean the film will be released then, just that Post-production work would be completed. The film will be released about two weeks after that according to Fifth Floor Pictures. At that point, the film will only be available in theaters in the festival circuit most likely until after the summer. As of now, September 2007 is penciled in for the DVD release, and even then that date could possibly be pushed depending on festival screenings. Another list of possible cities where the film can be screened is expected early this week.
  • Gooseberries in now available on DVD! Click here for details
  • The website is undergoing some changes, primarily the Media section, to improve functionality and visitor experience. Unfortunately all links to the media are unavailable, although they will still work if you have them saved or bookmarked. The majority of the changes will take place over this week and everything should be updated by Friday, March 23rd. Please be patient as we are working diligently to complete the updates.
  • Armando Cajide, one-half of the progressive trance duo Dual Progress, attaches to Leaving Town. He will produce 3 tracks for the soundtrack of the film. Dallas hip-hop producers Soulbrite (Sam Ross) and Tree-Top will score the film. Select tracks from various bands/artists who submitted tracks during the "music call" to be on the soundtrack have been selected; the names of these bands/artists will be named as soon as all final contractual agreements have been made with each respective artist or band. Also, Fifth Floor will begin talks with Dallas hip-hop artist/producer J-Debt this week to possibly produce music for the soundtrack.
  • The first 'Untitled Compton/Myers Project' begins development under the title 'The Pool Boy'. Richard Keller and Brandon Craig are attached to star. The project plans to start this summer.

    The 'Van Zandt' project has been pushed to the end of the year to give more time for the funding to come through. Fifth Floor says the project will happen, and that they will not proceed with the project until everything financially is secured. Nevertheless, we will see 'Van Zandt' promotion on a regular basis as Fifth Floor pushes the project. "There are so many pieces of this project that require so much attention, we will not carelessly rush into it. We are trying to make the project the best that it can possibly be, and that is going to take time; that is what is realistic", commented Christopher Compton. A lot of work has already been done on the project and many new developments are expected to be seen over the next few months. New starting dates have been forecast for January 2008.
  • Production has wrapped on Leaving Town! The film will see a limited release in select cities nationwide. There is talk of possible foreign release as well. Fifth Floor says the film should be released by April.
  • The DVD premiere of Gooseberries is March 20th. Copies will sell for $5 each, and will only be available through this site. Click here for more info.

    Leaving Town is scheduled to wrap Friday, February 23rd. The film is still slated for an April 2007 release, and may be released earlier in Dallas.

    Promo photography for the 'Van Zandt' project is almost complete. Most of it should be done by this coming weekend, according to Chad Myers. Select photos will be released to the public about one week later. This month marks the first installment of Back Stage, a behind the scenes promotional segment brought to you exclusively by Fifth Floor Pictures. This segment will only be available on this website. The first segment will take you behind the scenes of the promo photography shoot that took place on Feb. 8th, and will be presented by The Van Zandt Shakedown co-directors Christopher Compton and Chad Myers.
  • In a strange twist of events, Matt Thurston has now become available to finish Leaving Town. Producer/Director Christopher Compton stated that the film should wrap next week. If the film does wrap next week, the film should be released in Dallas sometime in March. A preliminary list names Arlington (TX), Chicago, Garden Grove (CA), Venice (CA), and Boston as possible cities where the film may be released. Fifth Floor states that the list is rough, and that the actual places the film could be released will most likely vary from what is currently listed.

    More 'Van Zandt' promo photography is planned for this Sunday, Feb. 11th. John Baran, Vin Diep, and a slew of extras will go before the camera to help promote the film. Assistant Director Mason Compton will be filming an exclusive behind-the-scenes video of the photography. The video will be released exclusively on this website next week. Once up, it can be found on the Media page. It is now estimated that select promo photos will be released in March.
  • The 'Van Zandt' promo photography shoots begin. Drew Waters, who plays the Irish hitman Ciaran in the film, is being photographed today. That leaves Ronn Ausborne, Keith Douglas, Zalika Thomas, Brandi Brown, Brandon Craig, Vin Diep, and John Baran left to shoot. No word yet on when the photos will be released to the public.
  • Production on Leaving Town has been delayed once again. The final day of shooting never came as the cast and crew waited two hours for the arrival of the prop vehicle, which never showed. Producer/Director Christopher Compton was forced to cancel the shoot Friday evening. Fifth Floor has tried several times to reach the owner of the vehicle to find out as to why he never showed. "We confirmed with him several times last week; we just don't know what happened", was the statement from producer/director Christopher Compton. Actor Matt Thurston is now involved in prior commitments with a stage production out of Ft. Worth. The earliest he would be available is March 2007. With, essentially, only one day of shooting needed to complete the project, Fifth Floor is now forced to wait until everyone is available again. The production paused in October 2006 while Thurston was involved in another stage production. "Matt [Thurston] is a great actor, a vital part of what we have going on over here, and we couldn't imagine not having him involved simply because he has some stage work he needs to do. If our schedule permits, we will definitely wrap up Leaving Town in March and move on", added Christopher Compton. A meeting regarding the project is scheduled for sometime this week.
  • A short night for Fifth Floor Pictures on the production of Leaving Town wrapped Brandon Craig on the project. One more night of filming, scheduled for Friday night (26th), would wrap production, sending the project into post-production (officially) starting on Monday, January 29th. This is good news, especially with the 'Van Zandt' project on the horizon.
  • Production will resume this Thursday evening on Leaving Town; and will wrap Friday night. Actor Brandon Craig is scheduled to be wrapped Thursday night, which will mark half of the cast wrapped on the project. "If everything goes according to plan, the project will be completed and ready to go in February", said producer/director Christopher Compton.
  • The new trailer for Leaving Town is released today. Aside from the home page, it can be found in both Windows Media and QuickTime formats on the Media page.
  • Inclement weather hangs on here in Dallas. Early reports suggested a clearing this coming weekend, but now it looks as if the weather will clear up starting next Monday. Leaving Town will possibly wrap next week according to Fifth Floor. If the weather stays nice, next weekend may see the VZS promo photography completed.
  • Poor weather conditions will continue to delay the production on Leaving Town through the upcoming week. Fifth Floor says that a break in the weather next weekend will enable the promo photography for the 'Van Zandt' project to be completed, most likely Sunday. As far as Leaving Town goes, producer/director Chad Myers said, "Two months tops, and Leaving Town should be done and playing at various festivals."
  • Remember the Van Zandt promo photography that was supposed to take place back in early November 2006? Well its back, and it's going to happen! Fifth Floor is going full throttle with Van Zandt everything. Fifth Floor Pictures has a message for Dallas, Texas, and it is "Get ready, your movie is coming!" Excitement has been building over recent months with the addition of Drew Waters to cast back in May 2006 and with the recent talks of even bigger names filling some of the remaining roles. Actor Drew Waters will be doing a radio spot in the Port Arthur/Beaumont, TX area this week where there may be some talk of the Van Zandt project. Also on the horizon, actor, and Fifth Floor VP, Brandon Craig will be working to set up a TV spot for Waters, in the same region of the state, primarly to focus on the Van Zandt project.

    Production on Leaving Town was successful last night, which marked the final takes for actor Eric Madrid and actress Sonja Lynn who are now wrapped on the project. So far, the production has wrapped four actors. With foul weather on the way, Fifth Floor will not return to the set until next week, when producers Christopher Compton and Chad Myers say the project looks to wrap production. Even with the delays in the past, Leaving Town is still slated for a Spring 2007 release, and a possible Dallas premiere as soon as February. "We are at about 80% done with filming with what we've been able to do over the past couple of weeks, especially Friday and yesterday," adds producer/director Christopher Compton. Last night also marked the return of producer/director Chad Myers to the set. "Everyone was really glad to see Chad [Myers], and I know he was really glad to be back," said Christopher Compton.
  • Fifth Floor returns to the set of Leaving Town after a much needed break over the weekend. Filming will resume today at 5:30pm CST. Due to the weather forecast for the end of the week, it is highly unlikely that there will any more filming this week. However, Fifth Floor plans to resume as soon as next week.
  • Production goes overtime! A busy day on the set of Leaving Town wraps up the majority of the film, with two shoot days remaining until the film wraps. Actor Ronn Ausborne paid a visit to the set. Ausborne is cast in The Van Zandt Shakedown, which is slated to begin filming soon. Also dropping in, music director Sam Ross (Soulbrite), who is in charge of the soundtrack for Leaving Town. Today wrapped the final takes for actors Jodie Moore and Dustan Costine. Production will resume Monday, January 8th which may wrap upto 3 more characters, depending on the scenes that will be shot. "I told them they were soldiers; they came and withstood the grind today. We can't ask for anything more than that...they each gave everything they had today and it will show when audiences see this film," said producer/director Christopher Compton. According to Fifth Floor, over half of the project is in the bag, and as a result, a new trailer could be on the horizon, possibly being released sometime over this weekend.
  • Actor Dustan Costine attaches to play Bobby in Leaving Town. Eric Kellner originally had the part since back in August of 2006, but is off the project due to unamed reasons. Production on Leaving Town will resume at 8am CST, Friday, January 5th. The remaining schedule should be released sometime this weekend according to Fifth Floor Pictures.
  • Leaving Town is slated to resume production this Friday, January 5th at 8am (CST).
  • Production on Leaving Town is planned to resume Tuesday, January 2nd. "Right now we're trying to lock the schedule down. It's taken a bit longer due to the holidays, but we should get something set in stone here pretty quick," says Christopher Compton. Also, Chad Myers will return to the set of Leaving Town as soon as it resumes filming. "Everyone's pretty excited to have Chad [Myers]back on set," adds Christopher Compton. Fifth Floor will release the schedule to the public as soon as its set. And Happy New Year from Fifth Floor Pictures!
  • Actor Drew Waters will not be back in Dallas in time to shoot Leaving Town, pushing production even further. Fifth Floor says the short is expected to wrap principle photography the first week of January 2007.
  • Due to the weather, Wednesday's shoot was rescheduled to Friday, December 22. Late today, production was cancelled for Thursday, December 21st. Actor Drew Waters got called to Louisiana and won't be back until later that night. There is also a possibility of interference from Louisiana on Friday. "Let's just hope we can get some things done Friday," adds Christopher Compton. A new trailer was expected to be released next week, but most likely will not be for another 3 weeks, at least.

    Even after a late start Monday, production on Leaving Town finished ahead of schedule for the day. Tuesday ended early due to an accident, unrelated to the project, involving actor Eric Kellner on Monday. "We got some stuff done over the past few days. Could've been a little more, but we did okay," added producer/director Christopher Compton.
  • Christopher Compton will now direct Leaving Town in the absence of original director, Chad Myers. "He [Chris] is the only person I would ever trust to direct one of my projects. We have an unspoken trust between us. We're like brothers", said director Chad Myers.

    Final preparations are being made before shooting begins this week on Leaving Town. "We have a really big week ahead of us. It's a big week for the company and everyone involved", says producer/director Christopher Compton. Production is scheduled to begin at 10am (CST) Monday, December 18th.

    Actor Matt Thurston has attached to star in the upcoming Untitiled Chad Myers Project. Details on this project can be found on the Current Projects page. This project is slated to be released late 2008, or early 2009.
  • The all new Investors page is up on the site. This page is for investors and financiers looking for information on Fifth Floor investment/financing opportunities.
  • The production schedule for 'Leaving Town' has been released. Production is planned to resume Monday, December 18th and wrap Thursday, December 21st, just four days before Christmas. Several measures have been implemented to lock these dates in place. There are still a couple of meetings that have to take place regarding location times, but other than that, the cameras will roll.
  • The new Advance poster for 'The Van Zandt Shakedown' is up on the Media page.
  • Actor Richard Keller attaches to star in the 'Untitled Compton/Myers Project' (2007/2008). The comedy feature is slated to be released in Summer 2008, but could be seen as early as late 2007 in the film fest circuit. Information on this project can be found on the Current Projects page.

    'Gooseberries' returns to post-production status for minor audio remastering proposes. The short film, originally considered complete in August 2006, has struggled to find its audience. A new marketing campaign was launched to raise awareness of the short film in October, but producer/director Christopher Compton has decided to pull the film and rework the movie, primarily the audio track. Music producers Soulbrite and Tree Top reworked the dialogue track in late October. "I just think we need to take a couple steps back here, and rework the whole thing. Sam (Soulbrite) and Tree Top did a really good job on the dialogue track despite the material they were given, it just needs to be nearly flawless if this movie is going to have any hope of contention. 'Gooseberries' will only appeal to a very small niche, it's nothing like 'Leaving Town' or' The Van Zandt Shakedown' which will attract large audiences, it's more of an artistic type of film that's more dialogue driven; it's Anton Chekhov", said Christopher Compton.
  • Brandon Craig has pitched an idea for a feature that could come out sometime in the next few years. "It's a high budget project that we would like to see greenlit, it just needs some development. We're only at the "Pitch" stage here...we'll see what happens," said Christopher Compton. The project is currently listed on the Current Projects page.
  • A production schedule for 'Leaving Town' will be released on Thursday, November 30th. Fifth Floor mentioned that things are looking really good for this coming Friday or Saturday, December 1st or 2nd, when the final scene of the film is slated to be shot. The scene stars Drew Waters, Keith Douglas, Zalika Thomas, and child actress Emory Brown. "If this scene gets acquired Friday or Saturday, Zalika Thomas and Emory Brown would be wrapped on the project, and depending on the schedule for next week, Eric Madrid, Matt Thurston, and the recently attached Sonja Lynn could also be wrapped. Things are coming together, and we are still looking at a Spring 2007 release despite the setbacks we've faced", said producer Christopher Compton.
  • Production on 'Leaving Town' is slated to resume promplty after the Thanksgiving holiday.

    Actress Sonja Lynn attaches to play Richie's Girl in 'Leaving Town'. Recently, Desiree Hurley was cast for the role, replacing actress Nicole Graham who was originally cast back in August 2006, but due to scheduling conflicts, Lynn now has the role.
  • Actor Brandon Craig has been named VP of Production and Marketing at Fifth Floor Pictures. As of now he is the VP of Fifth Floor Pictures. "Brandon will bring an added dimension to the company, which will help us move toward the future", says Christopher Compton. Brandon Craig will also perform many functions during production, as well.
  • The Fifth Floor Pictures Demo Reel is now available on the Media page in both Windows Media and QuickTime formats.
  • Scheduling woes continue to stall the production of 'Leaving Town'. Fifth Floor Pictures stopped production in September due to several scheduling conflicts with plans to resume at the beginning of November only face more scheduling difficulties. With the holidays on the horizon, finding time to wrap production, which is anywhere from 4 to 6 more days, will be a difficult task. "We are dealing with the schedules of actors, crew, vehicles, locations, and much much more. It's a very different story when you're independent and low-budget, we can't just run out there make a decent film on a whim, it's takes a lot of work and flexibility to make it happen", said producer Christopher Compton.
  • Fifth Floor will begin an agressive pre-production campaign on next year's 'The Van Zandt Shakedown' starting Tuesday, November 14th. Fifth Floor Pictures would like to start the project no later than February 2007, which would give a late 2007 release in theaters or on DVD. " We would like to have the movie released in theaters next fall or winter", said producer/director Christopher Compton.

    Due to unforseen obstacles, 'Leaving Town' did not resume production on Friday as expected. Fifth Floor says the short will resume production on Monday, November 13th.
  • Promo photography for 'The Van Zandt Shakedown' has been canceled until further notice. "Those who need to know will know why, but other than that, it is the only option for a while", says Producer/Director Christopher Compton. The project will move forward with all development and pre-production as planned.
  • Desiree Hurley attaches to play Richie's Girl in 'Leaving Town'. The role previously went to actress Nicole Graham.
  • 'Leaving Town' will not film on Monday, November 5th as previously scheduled. Actor Drew Waters will not be back in Dallas in time to shoot. The scheduled shoot on Friday, November 10th is still a go, though. Tomorrow's scenes will now be shot next Monday, November 13th.
  • 'The Van Zandt Shakedown' appears on

    The 'Van Zandt' promo photography, previously scheduled for the 4th and 5th, has been moved to the 11th and 12th of this month.
  • Fifth Floor Pictures is waiting on the go from certain locations, but it looks as if production on 'Leaving Town' will resume at approx. 5pm (CDT) on Monday, November 6, 2006. "We just need to get it done", was the statement from Director Chad Myers.

    Locations have been scouted for the 'Van Zandt' promo photography. Fifth Floor wishes to keep the locations undisclosed. It is a go, though. This coming weekend we will shoot the photos around Dallas and approximately two weeks later, the promo packets will be ready to go.
  • More stills of 'Gooseberries' are up in the Media section. Just click "Stills" to view them.
  • Dallas music producers Soulbrite and Tree Top have signed on to remaster the 'Gooseberries' audio track before it is sent out late next week to the second round of film festivals.

    Fifth Floor will possibly be trying out a new, experimental, promotional segment featured on the site and at Dallas area promotional parties and functions aimed at Fifth Floor projects. The segment, tentatively titeld 'Back Stage', will run about 10 or 15 minutes and will feature a behind the scenes look at upcoming projects, the first being 'The Van Zandt Shakedown'. "With the schedule being pushed as much as it is, the 'Van Zandt' promo film is now highly unlikely. It's not to say it won't happen if need be, it's just not very economical at this point for Fifth Floor Pictures", said Christopher Compton.

    Production on 'Leaving Town' is still slated for November 6, 2006. As of today, that is concrete; it will take a lot for that to change, according to Fifth Floor Pictures.
  • Fifth Floor Pictures announces that production on 'Leaving Town' is tentatively expected to resume on November 6, 2006. If that happens, the tentative wrap date is set for November 17, 2006. The next few weeks will determine if these dates become concrete. Many new developments regarding the production of 'Leaving Town' are expected during the next few weeks.

    The new trailer for 'Gooseberries' is now available on the Media page.

    More news today on 'The Van Zandt Shakedown' promotional photography, as Fifth Floor has finalized the characters that will be photographed and when. Officially, they are the same characters as previously stated on Oct. 11th, including Li (Vin Diep) and the addition of Doc (Brandon Craig). The photography is scheduled to take place on November 4th and 5th at undisclosed locations. That is all the information that can be released at this time. You'll just have to wait to see the photos; which could be as soon as 4 to 5 weeks from now.
  • The new marketing campaign for 'Gooseberries' has already been phased in with still shots of the movie, with many more on the way. Still to come is a trailer, which will lay the sole teaser, released in August 2006, to rest. New release dates are possibly November 25, 2006 in Texas and December 6 - 10, 2006 in California. Again, these dates are possible, only if 'Gooseberries' is able to secure screenings. To find the new media, goto the Media page. Fifth Floor stresses that a lot will be happening with this project in the near future, so stay posted here for all updates regarding the project.
  • 'Gooseberries' can't seem to find it's niche. The short, directed by Christopher Compton, hasn't been able to secure any festival screenings since being completed in July 2006. Fifth Floor Pictures produced the short to create diversity in a production line-up packed with crime-dramas, such as 'Loose Ends' (2006), 'Leaving Town' (2006), and next year's 'The Van Zandt Shakedown' (2007). "I wanted to tell the story from the perspective of the "reader", which would allow each individual audience member to see the movie in their own unique way, so I didn't do a lot of flashbacks. Instead, I chose to show brief visualizations of what the lead character was speaking about. In retrospect, this may have hindered us a little with getting the short into festivals and before an audience," says director Christopher Compton. Though, the end of the rope isn't here just yet for 'Gooseberries', Fifth Floor isn't going down without a fight. A new marketing campaign will be launched this week, featuring a new trailer, still images, and more. The short stars Jodie Moore, Richard Keller, Laura Leither, and Dave Carnell.

    Promotional photos for 'The Van Zandt Shakedown' scheduled to be released at the end of this month will feature select characters from the film. Unofficially, those characters are Ciaran (Drew Waters), Vincent (Ronn Ausborne), Vicky Vixen (Brandi Brown), Princess (Zalika Thomas), Marcus (Keith Douglas), Detective Cortez (John Baran), and possibly Li (Vin Diep). Fifth Floor will be finalizing everything this week.
  • The Option Agreement for 'Nights On Fire' expires today and the project enters turnaround. "It's a great story that needs to be told, and granted the script is available in the future, Fifth Floor will definitely consider the project again, we just ran out of time on it", said producer Christopher Compton. 'Nights On Fire' was adapted by Erica Ross from Gary Clifton's novel, Burn Sugar Burn.
  • Actor Jackie Davis (Loose Ends) has attached to provide Voice Over work for 'Leaving Town'. He will be the voice of Bull's Younger Brother; Bull is played by Brandon Craig.
  • 'Leaving Town' will not shoot this month, despite previous reports of the production resuming on October 9th. Actor Matt Thurston is directing a theatrical production which will show the last weekend of the month. "It's just a waiting game now, everyone is pretty busy, and we just have to wait our turn. This is what happens when you have actors that are hot on the market", said producer Christopher Compton.

    Actress Zalika Thomas is announced to play Princess in 'The Van Zandt Shakedown'.
  • 'Leaving Town' will resume production on October 9, 2006 and run through until October 13, 2006. At that point, production will pause again for approximately three weeks, as actor Drew Waters returns to 'Inspector Mom' and actor Eric Kellner will be unavailable until November. This essentially pushes everything on the production calendar another month. However, producer/directors Christopher Compton and Chad Myers will be working on 'The Van Zandt Shakedown' project simultaneously to 'Leaving Town' during the production breaks, starting today. "Putting things into perspective, [Chad and I] will have about five weeks off from 'Leaving Town' as we wait for everyone to be available, so there is no reason to lose time on the 'Van Zandt' project", said 'The Van Zandt Shakedown' producer/director Christopher Compton.
  • It is official! Fifth Floor will be producing a 'Van Zandt Shakedown' promo film, which will run about 5 minutes, showcasing the characters in the story. Featured in the promo are Ciaran, The Cuban, Viktor Van Zandt, Pierre, Li, Hard Mike, Shelley, Detective Cortez, Vicky Vixen, Princess, Vincent, Marcus, Doc, Mr. Z, Isaac, Percy, Manny, Dave The Chef, and The Brothers. No dates have been set at this point. 'The Van Zandt Shakedown' will star Drew Waters and Jesse Corpus III.
  • Production of 'Leaving Town' pauses as lead actor Drew Waters goes back to work on Lifetime's 'Inspector Mom' series, but will resume after October 7th, with the possibility of some shooting taking place early next week. Overall, 'Leaving Town' looks to wrap around the middle of next month, despite being previously slated to wrap on September 13th. Actor Eric Kellner, who is an avid horror fan, is regularly involved with Dallas area haunted houses. With Halloween being just over a month away, this may push the production of 'Leaving Town' into November, which will inevitably push the entire Fifth Floor production schedule even more. "We would rather it go into November and have a great product in the end, than to rush it and have a poor one. If it takes two months, it takes two months", said director Chad Myers. "You should never force anything in this business. We would have loved to finish last week, but we didn't. Everyone involved in the project is behind us and our decision making. We have a great cast and crew who are having a lot of fun and in a couple of months, we'll have a great little piece of entertainment for you", was the statement from producer Christopher Compton. All is well on the home front is the word from the Fifth Floor camp.

    An unofficial announcement comes from Chad Myers and Christopher Compton, that 'Leaving Town' will be their final short film. There were earlier rumors about the duo producing and directing Anton Chekhov's 'A Man in a Case' and 'About Love' to complete Chekhov's 'Little Trilogy' (1898), but nothing new has come of it as they await the results of 'Gooseberries' the second installment in the trilogy, completed in July 2006, directed by Christopher Compton, and stars Jodie Moore, Richard Keller, Laura Leither, and Dave Carnell.

    More teasers/trailers can be seen on the newly updated Media page. This page will be going through many updates throughout the week of September 18th thru the 22nd. The page will feature videos in Windows Media and QuickTime formats for easier viewing. If you are unable to view the current QuickTime teaser or trailer featured on the home page, visit the Media page for the Windows Media version.
  • The first 'Leaving Town' trailer is available, check the front page of this site.
  • Production rolls forward on 'Leaving Town', but rain delays on Monday cause extensions to the shooting schedule. The new wrap date is still to be determined. Tuesday and Wednesday are forecast to run right on schedule, beginning Tuesday at 2:30pm (CDT).
  • Production begins today on 'Leaving Town', starring Drew Waters and Keith Douglas. Principle Photography will begin at 8pm (CDT) tonight. 'Leaving Town' will be directed by Chad Myers and produced by Christopher Compton. Production is scheduled to wrap on Wednesday, September 13, 2006. Release dates have not been set, but new forecasts show a Spring 2007 release in the festival circuit, possibly as early as March.
  • Fifth Floor Pictures will hold anywhere from 3 to 4 more casting calls for the highly anticipated gangster fairytale 'The Van Zandt Shakedown', starring Drew Waters and Jesse Corpus III. This announcement after some major decisions were made by Chad Myers and Christopher Compton, the directors, to change some of the cast to better fit the characters in the story. Auditions will be held during October and November 2006 throughout the Dallas area. At this point, Dallas, Arlington, and Ft. Worth are down as possible locations.
  • 'The Van Zandt Shakedown', starring Drew Waters and Jesse Corpus III (Loose Ends), is slated to begin filming in January 2007.
  • 'Leaving Town' teaser is available to the public. Go to to check it out.
  • The Fifth Floor Pictures, LLC website is live!
  • Drew Waters attaches to play Davey in Chad Myers' 'Leaving Town', which is slated to begin filming September 9, 2006.
  • 'Loose Ends' premeires at the First Annual Wichita Falls Film Fest in Wichita Falls, TX.
  • Drew Waters (The Waterson Project, Inspector Mom) attaches to play Ciaran in 'The Van Zandt Shakedown', due out in 2007.